All metal can start V4 two cylinder four cylinder Stirling engine model in DC Motor from Home Improvement

All metal can start V4 two cylinder four cylinder Stirling engine model in DC Motor from Home Improvement
All metal can start V4 two cylinder four cylinder Stirling engine model in DC Motor from Home Improvement
All metal can start V4 two cylinder four cylinder Stirling engine model in DC Motor from Home Improvement
All metal can start V4 two cylinder four cylinder Stirling engine model in DC Motor from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Certification: CCC

Model Number: stl-1

Type: Other

Stirling engine, Stirling generator, Engine, External combustion engine, Physical toy, Steam engine hobby model
1, hand toggle the flywheel to see if it is smooth, not smooth adjustment related screws (adjusted before sale)
2, check whether the sliding parts are clean;
3, fill up the alcohol lamp to two-thirds; 95 degrees above the best alcohol.
4. Ignit the alcohol lamp on the front of the test tube. After about 1 minute, turn the flywheel and the engine rotates. The warm-up time with the generator is slightly longer.
1. Do not touch the baked test tube to avoid burns.
2. When the alcohol lamp is lit for a long time, the alcohol lamp cannot be easily touched to avoid burns.
3. Do not touch the test tube with alcohol lamp cotton when heated.
1. Product Name: Stirling Generator Model
2. Model: Power Enhancement
3. Size: length * width * height (165X90X90) mm, flywheel diameter 60mm, transmission wheel diameter 25mm, weight 505G.
4. Parameters: power cylinder inner diameter 16mm, piston stroke 15mm.
5. Generated voltage; about 5V, you can light more than one led, radio and so on.
6. Material:
The bottom plate is made of brushed aluminum alloy, exquisite and beautiful;
The stent is made of zinc alloy rhodium plated, solid and strong;
The flywheel uses aluminum alloy finishing. Double combination of texture and beauty;
Linkage made of stainless steel
Power cylinder link sleeve is made of aluminum alloy material,
Heater cylinders are specially designed for thicker glass materials, which are long-term heating without pressure.
7. Stirling engine principle
The pastor of London, Robert Stirling, invented in 1816,
So it was named ''Stirling engine''.
Stirling engines are unique heat engines because their theoretical efficiency is almost equal to the theoretical maximum efficiency.
Known as Carnot cycle efficiency. The Stirling engine generates power by the thermal expansion of the gas and the contraction of the cold.
This is an external combustion engine that burns the fuel continuously, expanding air (or helium or hydrogen)
The piston is moved as a medium, the inflation gas is cooled in the cold chamber, and such a cycle process is repeatedly performed.
Only a small alcohol light is needed to make it fast and powerful.

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